Hincapie Series Pt.2 and Swamp Classic

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2 weekends of racing, 2 wins thanks to our boy Kenneth.

Fork Shoals

Few were brave enough to voluntarily subject themselves to a weekend of Fork Shoals and Donaldson back to back. The Bennett’s proved themselves unafraid; Robby pulling out an impressive top 10 in the Cat 4′s, while Cade finished his first race for the team in fine fashion. Unfortunately Mr.Loadholt ended his final Cat 5 race in a last lap crash. He assured us that his bike and person are doing alright.

Donaldson Center

Ken made up big time for a sub par Saturday and let the watts finally do some talking. Attacking on the back side of the course he successfully soloed for his first win as a Cat 4 [like a boss]. Rob Ruff made up for missing Saturday, racing Masters and Cat 3 for 98 miles of Donaldson in all it’s glory.

Swamp Classic RR

In this Collegiate/USAC race the CofC team met up with some of the Elite boys in Gainesville. Big thanks to David Monismith and Nick Slosser for some great host housing! The road race saw Alex in another breakaway, pulling out third for his collegiate team Clemson. Simone Wade tried her luck in the open women’s field and put in an impressive race despite competing against some very elite women. Kellen found himself in a six man breakaway, that is until he ran into Zack, John, and the rest of the Pro/1/2 field. By the time the groups got separated all the 4′s had caught up and the race finished in a field sprint. Zack after making and dropping out of the winning break wound up in a small group of 3 on the final lap finishing 11th. John looked super comfortable in his first P/1/2 race.

Swamp Classic Crit

A windy, thundering and rainy day is what we got Sunday. Simone and Jonathon finished top ten in their races respectively. Not much else to report, no one died and we’ll take that as a win.

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