Dilworth, Novant and Belmont

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Pollen, pollen everywhere. It doesn’t sound like something worthy of a race report but it took out or had an affect on almost all our guys this weekend. Clogging up wind pipes, stuffing up noses; making tough races even tougher.

Excuses aside, our typical band of racers really don’t have much to write home about. Our up-and-comers however did pull through with some positive results. Barrett Mitchell showed up in great form to lead the Cat 4 squad on both days. He narrowly missed out on the amateur shootout finishing 23rd with Jeff Avans following right behind in 33rd. That might not sound that stellar but in a group of 70 plus Cat 4’s, I’m impressed (Robbie Bennett pushed himself so hard he actually wrecked himself out, speedy recovery mate). In the Cat 3 race things seemed to go to plan, Ken and Greg sitting comfortably in the front of the pack while Erik was getting acclimated to his new racing colleagues. As the final climb approached though only Greg would punch his ticket for the finals with Erik getting the number one non-qualifying spot. I feel you’re pain boss, we’ve all been there but its always a tough pill to swallow.

Off to Uptown Charlotte for the PM races…

Novant Invitational

It was an odd feeling only having a single rider in the amateur shootout. We had high expectations but just goes to show how strong these fields were. Paul hung tough, got some great experience, followed through to the end and finished in the top half of the field. We’re excited to have him upgrading soon!

Now the big boy race, from the eyes of our very own Alex Kellum [albeit heavily edited]:

Some pretty okay bike racers were invited but our team had a pretty good strategy going into it. Zack and I would quickly move to the front and try to follow any move that had a UHC jersey or a Mac Brennan in it. We even decided we would both get into the breakaway if we were there, since people would probably let us go. No less than 1 second into the race did we realize that plan was minorly, slightly, a tad, just a bit ambitious…it wasn’t going to happen. Into survival mode we went and after getting in a solid 50 minutes of 30/30 intervals, I pulled the plug. The only rider who had success was Artur who died no less than 1,001 deaths for a [spectacular] 34th place. About the only solace we can take from the race came from some buffalo chicken nachos at some bar. That is until JLowe and I got dropped for a second time the same day on the dance floor.


Form doesn’t change in a day. Barrett and Jeff killed it again with 13th and 14th place finishes. Barry had another tough day but we were glad to see him (I blame the kits, once he gets that fresh J.Brown jersey he’ll be up there). In the absence of Paul, Ken and Erik hung tough. Kudos to Mylo and Kellen for trying out the Pro field but the man of the day was once again Artur. His mustache could be proudly seen off the front on several occasions, and despite no successful breakaway attempts was the days top finisher again in 33rd.

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