Charlotte Belmont

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So much good stuff to go over…

The weekend started in Dilworth, our favorite friendly swanky neighborhood. Myles did his usual insane schedule of back to back races and Simone toughed out the climb with her downtube shifters like a champ. The Pro/1/2/3 main event provided the most excitement for our humble squad with Zack leaking off the front after 2 laps of racing. After a group of 5 caught up, Alex solo bridged in a massive one lap effort. That put 7 guys well out front, two of them representing those increasingly ubiquitous mustard and red, bars and gems. Unfortunately a Novo Nordisk rider rode away from the group and lapped the field. Now racing for second the guys used solid team tactics to get Alex that podium spot.

From Dilworth it was a mad rush to get over to the Amateur shootout in downtown Charlotte. Kellen qualified through the Cat 3 race earlier and it was exciting to get to race across categories with some different teammates. The race was fast with many attacks (the Strava file shows that we averaged 29.3 mph after our neutral start) but both Kellen and Zack rode strong and finished in the front group.

Sunday provided us with a plethora of ways to talk about ourselves. The entire peloton blown to shreds in the first lap, Cody rode tough pulling out 5th in the Cat 4 race. Erik wasn’t far behind in 13th as everyone struggled to find wheels to follow. Simone’s 3/4 womens race wasn’t much different as the field was simply a figment of the imagination, female cyclists occupied the entirety of the course in small packs of 2 and 3. In the 2/3 race Kellen was riding on some great form that apparently he wanted to keep very secret.He gave himself a 20 sec start delay by not clipping in; a bold move that didn’t quite work out for him. Meanwhile the rest of the guys occupied the front early and often with Zack pulling out a 2 lap flyer for 2nd, with Alex and Myles not far off the pace in a race that saw less than half the starters finish.

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